• Goals -
    The goals of our program are as follows:

      1. To learn of the importance of regular exercise to good health and happiness.

    2. To begin the development of fundamental physical skills which will provide the basis for more complex skills in later years.

    3. To learn to play together fairly and safely.

    4. To have fun!

    Requirements - Children must wear sneakers that provide appropriate support for vigorous activity. Velcro sneakers are best. No slip on sneakers or sneakers with straps will be permitted.  No sneakers will mean no participation that day in Physical Education class activities.

    Procedures - Generally, our class periods are divided into three segments: a warm-up activity, a skill development activity, and a game. Our warm up consists of 20+ different variations of exercies that the kids do within each week.  Sometimes we lead and sometimes we empower the children to selcet the exercises. In general, the kids do two sets of two different exercises at their squad spot followed by an activity around "the track" performing variations of walking, hopping, galloping, animal movements, backpedalling, sideshuffling, jogging, running, frankenstein kicks, and skipping.  It is also during the warm-up time that the children learn about physical fitness, what it is, and of its importance. The skill development segment is where certain skills and knowlege are taught about a particular activity. The children then practice those skills. The third segment, a childrens' game, is just that....a simple game through which the children have fun, get more vigorous exercise and learn to play together fairly and safely.