GLP Student Handbook 2019-2020

  • Message from the Principal

    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Families,

    It is always very exciting to begin a new school year.  The first day of school comes with great anticipation of all that is yet to come.  The faculty and staff of GLP Primary School are committed to providing your children an educational program that focuses on current instructional practices that meet your child's individual needs.  We recognize that student achievement is greatly increased when there is a cooperative working relationship between the classroom and home.  Therefore, we look forward to working with you on this pathway to achievement.

    We, at GLP Primary School, believe that all children can learn, experience success, and contribute to our community.  To fulfill this belief, the faculty and staff will provide an environment that creates an excitement for learning within a supportive atmosphere.  To experience all the best of GLP, we ask you to review this handbook and sign off on your knowledge of our policies and procedures.  Our goal is to provide all students with a positive and challenging learning environment that empowers them to become responsible and productive citizens who are ready for the 21st Century.

    Much has been done in preparation for a successful school year.  This year brings many new plans and programs while continuing full implementation of the NYS Next Generation Learning Standards.  As important as it is to develop strong literacy skills, it is equally important to create math fluency.  One way we ask for your support in this process is to work weekly on practicing math facts through games, flash cards, etc.  This is a fun way to develop essential math skills.  Ensuring overall student success requires students learning how to make good choices in their everyday life.  Each and every day your child will come home with a behavioral report which will keep you in constant communication with the classroom teacher on your child's day.  Please review this every day with your child to support our building-based expectations.

    We are excited about the continuation of our one-to-one technology plan, with each child having daily access to his/her own IPad and the newly created Makerspace, to help engage our young learners in the development of their creativity, exploration, and discovery.

    The world of technology has provided greater opportunities for the school to communicate with its community.  We ask that you visit the GLP web page for up-to-date calendar information, as well as pertinent educational programs.  Additionally, on the Parent Portal your child's report card will now be made available to you on-line.  Please look for more information on your report card options for this year coming soon.

    As you can see, we are very excited by all the future holds.  Please call me anytime if you have any questions about our programs or procedures.



    Loran B. Carter



    Board of Education

    Mr. Donald Sutfin, President

    Mrs. Jennifer Horschel, Vice-President

    Ms. Cheryl Carpenter

    Mr. Jack Cuddihy

    Mrs. Marlene Grunder

    Mrs. Ellen Kindley

    Mr. Alan Silver


    Mr. Jeff Sortisio, Superintendent

    Mrs. Loran B. Carter, Principal

    GLP Faculty & Staff

    Pre-Kindergarten Teachers

    Mrs. Margaret Cuddihy - Ext. 3058

    Miss Adrianna Jimenez - Ext. 3059

    Kindergarten Teachers

    Miss. Amy Sullivan - Ext. 3009

    Miss. Justine Chiavetta - Ext. 3012

    Mrs. Jill Rapp - Ext. 3011

    Mrs. Jennifer Wulf - Ext. 3003

    Mr. Joshua Walker - Ext. 3010

    First Grade Teachers

    Mrs. Catherine Chatwood - Ext. 3014

    Miss Sarah Fiorella - Ext. 3016

    Mrs. Danae LaMarca - Ext. 3018

    Mrs. Katherine LaVerdi - Ext. 3010

    Mrs. Katie Mathis - Ext. 3013

    Second Grade Teachers

    Mrs. Ann Engle - Ext. 3043

    Mrs. Lindsey Kuhrt - Ext. 3045

    Mrs. Beth Levakoff - Ext. 3034

    Ms. Ashley Mason - Ext. 3036

    Ms. Sandy Wess-Rishel - Ext. 3041

    Special Education 

    Mrs. Jacquelyn Bonfante - Ext. 3032

    Mrs. Katelyn Gardener-Capriotto - Ext. 3032

    Mrs. Kristi Heidt - Ext. 3015

    Mrs. Kim Mangino - Ext. 3038

    Special Education Teachers

    Mr. Jason Bernardone, Physical Education

    Mrs. April Agle, Library (P.T.)

    Miss Amie Francisco, Physical Education

    Ms. Lynn Morgan, Art

    Ms. Danielle Carbone, Computer Lab

    Ms. Claudia Hovey, Music (P.T.)

    Professional Staff

    Mrs. Stephania Cooper, School Nurse

    Mrs. Shannon Fitzgerald, Counselor

    Mrs. Holly Tredo, Social Worker

    Ms. Laura Birkby, Psychologist

    Remedial Staff

    Mrs. Jennifer Ersing, Reading

    Ms. Jamie Peterson, Speech

    Ms. Erin Radke, Math

    Mrs. Linda Schwanz, Reading

    Support Staff

    Mrs. Sharon Baur, P.T. School Secretary

    Mrs. Brenda Burgstahler, School Secretary

    Mrs. Jackie Campfield, Special Ed Teacher Aide

    Mrs. Rheanna Christman, PreK Teacher Aide

    Mrs. Mary Granger, P.T. School Secretary

    Mrs. Kristen Genco, Special Ed Teacher Aide

    Ms. Michelle Koszelak, Special Ed Teacher Aide

    Ms. Lory Mohan, Special Ed Teacher Aide

    Mrs. Jamie O'Brien, Special Ed Teacher Aide

    Mrs. Kathy Slisz, PreK Teacher Aide

    Ms. Sharon Wright, Teacher Aide/Library

    Custodial/Cleaning Staff

    Mr. Kris Morano,  Custodian

    Mrs. Barb Baker, Cleaner

    Mr. Devan Stephens, Cleaner


    School Rules

    The GLP has a set of rules that students must follow at all times:

    Be Respectful

    What does it look like?

    Taking ownership for your own actions.

    Be honest.

    Taking care of yourself and your jobs. 

    Be Responsible

    What does it look like?

    Taking care of your materials.

    Speaking kindly to others.

    Treating others the way you want to be treated (if not better).

    Keeping hands and feet to yourself.

    Being a good listener.

    Walking quietly in the halls respecting other learners.

    Do the Right Thing

    What does it look like?

    Always try your best.

    Follow directions.

    Listen when others are talking.


    The GLP has created a behavior plan to inspire a safe and positive learning environment for all.

    Color-Coded Behavior Rubric

    Green - Great Job!

    Yellow - One rule broken.  Please be careful!

    Orange - Two rules broken.  Stop & think.  Sit out of free time for five minutes.

    Red - Oh No!  Sit out from free time.  What can you do to make tomorrow better.


    Character Education

    The Eden Central School District is proud of the focus we have on good character.  Across the district we expect that Raiders have:

    Respect & Tolerance








    Contacting School

    Messages for teachers and/or students should be left on teacher voicemail.  In the event of an emergency, or time sensitive material, the message can be left with the secretary and will be forwarded at an appropriate time.  The GLP phone number is 992-3638.


    Health Office Information

    Each child has a confidential permanent health record.  Please keep the school nurse informed of any health problems, changes or serious injuries.  If your child becomes ill or is injured in school, care will be provided buy the school nurse.

    1. Absence - Please call the Health Office (992-3612) to report absences.  A written note should be sent when your child returns to school:  New York State Education Law requires notes for all absences.  If a note is not received after 2 days from returning to school, an illegal absence is recorded for that absence.
    2. Tardy - A written excuse should be given to the Secretary in the Main Office when the child is brought in late to school.
    3. Medication - All medication to be given in school, including over-the-counter medicine, must have a doctor's written order and parent/guardian written consent.  Parents must deliver all medication to school.  Students are not permitted to transport medicine to or from school.  Forms are available in the Health Office or the order may be written on the physician's script/letterhead.  Please keep medicine in original containers.  Legally, the school nurse may administer medication in school only if these conditions are met.
    4. Physical Examination - New York State Education Law requires a physical for all pupils on entrance to school, Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten, and routinely in grades 2, 4, 7, 10.  Students who have not had a physical by the family physician must be examined by the school physical
    5. Immunizations - Minimum requirements for entrance into New York State schools are found by following this  link.  2019-20 School Year NYS Immunization Requirements for School Entrance/Attendance.
    6. Infectious Illness/Infestation - Before children may return to school after suffering with a fever and/or vomiting, he/she must be free of symptoms for a minimum of 24 hours.  Children returning to schooling infectious illness (impetigo, pink eye, ringworm, pinworm, and scabies) must provide a written physician's statement of treatment for the condition.  It is recommended that children who have had head lice be checked by the school nurse before readmission to school.  Treatment of lice does not guarantee that all nits have been removed.
    7. Dental Health Form also required for entrance to school.


    Instructional Support Team

    The GLP School has a team of teachers, specialists, the school psychologist and the principal who meet weekly to aid our classroom teachers with specific academic, behavioral, emotional or social concerns of their students.  We believe that providing early intervention with a team of teachers who work as a support team will be most effective.

    This team may recommend interventions that include a psycho-educational evaluation, speech and language evaluation, observations, counseling, medical history or classroom modifications.  Parents will be notified and permission sought if any evaluation is recommended.



    The Eden Central School District following the state mandate for a Response to Intervention Plan (RTI).  This ensures that your child receives research-based intervention programs to meet his/her individuals needs.  This might include Academic Intervention Services (AIS).


    The Daily 5

    This is a structured literacy system in which each child is challenged at his/her own level through reading and writing practice using 5 literacy tasks.

    1. Read to Self
    2. Read to Someone
    3. Work on Writing
    4. Word Work
    5. Listen to Reading



    Eden CSD utilizes a framework of formative reading assessment called IRLA (Independent Reading Level Assessment).  This program is a standards-based framework for student assessment, text leveling, curriculum and instruction.  The IRLA includes every Next Generation Learning Standard for Reading, both in literature and informational text, as well as those language standards key to reading success.  This is a personalized approach that measures what students currently can accomplish while developing goals and individualized instruction to keep reading levels growing.


    Parent Information Night (Open House)

    Parent Information Night (Open House) is held in mid-September to give parents an opportunity to meet the teacher, see the classroom and find out the curricula and expectations at each level.  For individual concerns, parents should contact the teacher directly and make an appointment.


    Parent Teachers' Association (PTA)...We Need You!!

    GLP is pleased to have an active PTA.  Parent volunteers run various activities throughout the year. Family Math Game Night, Assemblies and Field Day are annual PTA events.  New members and ideas are needed.  Your membership dues paid yearly truly does make a difference for our school programs and children.  While extra help is always welcome, just your $10 PTA membership makes a huge impact.  Meetings are held every other month.  Please check the district calendar and website for dates.



    Parents have the responsibility to see that their child comes to school every day unless there is a valid reason for an absence.  Repeated absences make it difficult for children to learn at the pace of their peers.


    It has become increasingly difficult to work "around" students whose families go on vacation during the times school is in session.  The New York State Education Department maintains these are illegal absences, and we urge parents to avoid such interruptions to the learning process.

    Requests for assignments create a dilemma:

    Teachers are not responsible to supply assignments for illegal absences but do no want to see students fall behind or regress in skills.

    Planning is done for approximately 3 days in advance and monitored/modified as needed.  Giving assignments for a two-week vacation becomes speculative at best.

    Worksheets can be sent home, however, group work, class discussions, projects, computer time, teacher-student and student-student interaction, etc. cannot be duplicated.

    Textbooks sent on vacation are at risk of being misplaced.  Keeping a journal can be a good assignment for a vacation, but it often becomes a chore.

    Therefore, no work will be handed out prior to vacation.  Work will be collected for the student during his/her absence.  Upon return, the student will have to make up missed work.  Parents are responsible for making sure the child completes all assignments.  Parents must notify the school in writing at least one week prior to a vacation or extended planned absence.


    AM Arrival

    Students should not arrive at the school before 8:35 AM.  We have no one to supervise students arriving before that time.  The doors will be lucked until 8:35 AM.  Please adjust your child's arrival time to help us eliminate unsupervised students in the morning.  The students' day begins at 8:45 AM and ends at 3:10 PM.


    Driving Students to School in the Morning

    Students being driven to school should not be on the school grounds before 8:40 AM.  Between 8:40 - 8:45 parents driving their students to school will pull in the driveway closest to the woods and drive along the Kindergarten Wing towards the loop.  There will be staff positioned along the sidewalk to get your child out of the car and escort him/her into the building.


    Bus Passes

    If you would like your son or daughter dropped off at a different stop due to child care or other pertinent issues, please have them bring in a note with the following information: student's full name, the name of the person and address of the stop, the bus route number, day affected and parental signature.  Please do this on the day that the pass is to be in effect prior to NOON.  Please also ensure that your child knows his/her destination.  Unfortunately, space is not available to assist with transportation for small group meetings and/or parties.

    Please also know that phone calls will only be accepted for route changes due to an EMERGENCY and will also require principal approval.


    Excused Early

    If a student is to be excused early, please send a note to school with your son or daughter with the following information:  student's full name, the time of release, the reason for leaving, the person who will be picking up the child (if not a parent) and the parental signature.  These students must be picked up in the office, not the classroom.  In addition, the person picking up the student MUST HAVE PHOTO IDENTIFICATION available.


    Parent Pick Up

    Many times parents arrive at dismissal to pick up students.  When many parents who up at the end of the day, dismissal may be affected.  If you plan to pick up your child, please send a note in with your child in the morning so we can avoid the confusion at the end of the day.  Please refrain from calling the school to make arrangements to pick up your child at the end of the day UNLESS it is an emergency situation.

    Pickup at the end of the day will be in Room #4 at the end of the kindergarten hallway.  Please enter the doors by the kindergarten playground and promptly enter Room #4.  Photo identification must be available.


    Delivering Items to School

    When parents find it necessary to deliver forgotten items, messages, etc. to their children during the school day, the parent must leave the items in the office.  This procedure has been established to minimize the amount of interruptions to classroom instruction.  Students will be allowed to obtain the item at a convenient time in his/her classroom schedule.


    Birthday Parties

    Celebrating a child's birthday is a wonderful time in a child's life.  It is filled with much excitement.  It can also be a time of hurt feelings.  If you plan on having a birthday party outside of school invitations must be sent via postal service to the homes of the students unless the entire class is being invited.


    School Closing

    Listen to WKBW-TV or one of the local radio stations for official school closings.  In addition, the website will be updated with closing information. In addition, you may also receive a phone call through our School Messenger Communication System.



    Parents are welcome as visitors or helpers to the classroom.  Parents are also encouraged to have lunch with their children on occasion.  Please contact the teacher so your visit can be coordinated to see the subject area you are interested in and/or so lunch is available for you.

    The Hard Work Cafe is available 4 days a week to accompany your child to lunch.  Please check with the classroom teacher in advance to make sure the room is available.  Please note that parents are only allowed to take their own child to the Hard Work Cafe.

    All visitors must show picture identification and get a visitor pass in the Main Office before going to the classroom.  Building security and safety is critical in a primary school.



    Children must have a bag to house their papers and books.  It should be large enough to carry a take-home folder, lunch box and assorted sweaters, sneakers, etc.  This is necessary to prevent a child from chasing a paper into the street and protecting all books from any damage.  Please refrain from using bags that are pulled on wheels as they are not only unsafe for your child but for the other children as well.

    Just a note:  Please check all backpacks on a daily basis as we often send home important notices.



    Books remain the property of the School District even when they are entrusted to the handling of the students.  The parents of students who lose, deface or write in books will be expected to pay for the replacement of the book.


    Parent Conferences

    All Pre-K, Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade students will have a parent/teacher conference in December.  Appointments are scheduled on Parent Information Night in September and a notice of the appointment is sent home with students confirming the appointment time several weeks before the conference date.  We schedule 20 minute conferences so we ask that you write your questions down ahead of time and to please arrive on time.  If more time is necessary, please schedule another conference.  The intention of this conference is for parents to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their child's academic and social development.

    Conferences may be requested by parents or teachers at any time during the school year, and we encourage you to contact the school if you need to discuss a problem or ask questions.


    Report Cards

    Report Cards will be issued at the 13-week interval in December; 26-week interval in April; and the 40-week interval at the end of the school year in June.  All report cards will be available on the District website on the Parent Portal of PowerSchool.  A School Messenger call will be made to remind families when to check their child's progress.  If you do not have access to PowerSchool, please contact the school and a paper copy will be issued.  These reports provide information that will lead to open communication in both the academic and personal growth areas.  We recognize that there are some limitations in this type of reporting and encourage parents to call if they have questions.


    Bus Behavior

    The following rules are posted in each school bus:

    1. Observe same conduct as in the classroom
    2. Be courteous, use no profane language
    3. Do not eat or drink on the bus
    4. Keep the bus clean
    5. Cooperate with the driver
    6. Do not be destructive
    7. Stay in your seat
    8. Keep head, hands and feet inside the bus
    9. Bus Driver is authorized to assign seat

    Depending on severity of a Bus Conduct Referral, the basic steps are as follows:

    1st Offense - Warning

    2nd Offense - Parent Call - Various consequences

    3rd Offense - Bus privileges suspended for an appropriate amount of time

    As stated in the District Policy, hand-held games and all other electronic devices are not allowed in school.  Should your child lose his/her item, the school cannot be held responsible.


    Breakfast & Lunch Program

    The Eden Central School provides breakfast through our food service provider.  Those students wishing to buy breakfast must have a separate envelope or change purse labeled with the date and the amount of money enclosed.  Students are to check in with their classroom teacher before reporting to the cafeteria for breakfast.

    Lunch, milk, and ice cream are offered on a daily basis in the cafeteria.  Prices are listed below.  If you do not have a MySchoolBucks account, we ask that you send lunch money in a labeled envelope and/or change purse (a ziplock bag works best) with the child's name and amount of money enclosed.  Young children are not always able to communicate their needs and this information aids our cafeteria staff in getting our students quickly through the lunch line.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter. is a lunch online prepay program.  You should have received a log-on information letter with detailed instructions at Meet the Teacher.  If you have not received it, please contact the Main Office.

    Breakfast = $2.00                Lunch = $2.20

    Free and reduced breakfast and lunch are available for families.  The form is available in the September District Newsletter, in the Main Office or may be requested from our school nurse.  This form is due by October 1, 2019.  Failure to complete this form in a timely manner will result in full price lunch charges accruing until all paperwork is handed in.


    Lunch Room

    1. Manners - children will use their best dining room manners.
    2. Talking - children may talk quietly with their friends.  Boys and girls will stop talking when the lights are turned off.
    3. Routine - children must remain in their seats except when returning trays, lining up to return to class or with permission of a cafeteria monitor.  Lunch room monitors/teachers will dismiss the children by tables, oversee paper disposal, tray return and clean up.
    4. Food - no food may be traded or given away.  Please send food items already cut up (we have a lot of loose teeth at the GLP).  We are not able to heat up food for students.
    5. Lining up - children must wait for the lunch room monitor/teacher to direct them to the tray disposal and walk into line.


    Development Reading Program

    The GLP is fortunate to have two full-time reading teachers to provide help in the area of Language Arts.  If it is determined it is necessary for a particular student to receive help consistently throughout the year, parents will be notified.  Kindergarten students identified as needed extra help will participate in our Kindergarten Literacy Lab for one hour, five days per week.  See below for more information.  Selected students in grades 1 and 2 will receive services daily for 30 minutes.  Services are provided according to need.  Three times each year, the K - 2 students are universally screened using the Fastbridge assessment tool.  This provides valuable information to the teachers and the Data Team necessary for intervention.


    Kindergarten Literacy Lab 

    Research strongly indicates early intervention is the key to future reading and academic success.  GLP's Kindergarten Literacy Lab is a program devoted to developing pre-reading and language skills at the Kindergarten level.  The lab is staffed by our AIS specialists, teachers and aides.  Children participate in the lab for an hour a day.  While at the lab, students take part in various activities designed to strengthen literacy skills.  Children are selected for the program based on Kindergarten screening results, research-based ongoing yearly assessments, and/or teacher recommendation.  Children are moved into and out of the program according to their needs throughout their Kindergarten year.  Should the need arise; parents will be notified about their child's participation in Kindergarten Literacy Lab.


    Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Screening

    Students shall be screened prior to entering school as required by NYS Education Law.  Incoming students are scheduled by appointment for the screening program which takes place in early June.  Screening is done on an individual basis without parents or guardians.  Screening is conducted by the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten staff and GLP specialists and is broken into three sessions, each lasting 10-15 minutes.  Students generally see this evaluation period as an enjoyable game with the evaluators.  Parents are given an opportunity to speak with a Kindergarten teacher.  In addition, the school nurse is available for parents with questions.


    GLP Shared Decision Making Team

    Shared Decision Making is a process in which stakeholders (any person or group with an interest and investment in the success of students, the schools and the educational system) identify issues, develop plans and assess activities designed to maximize student potential and performance.  The GLP has a Shared Decision Making Team which is an integral part of our school.  Members are elected for 2-year terms by the parents and teachers.  Since there is only one administrator in the GLP, there is no election for a representative.  Our team consists of 4 parents, 1 teacher from every level and the principal.  If you are interested in participating or serving on our Team, please contact our PTA President.  Please join us in helping your children.  The meetings are open to everyone.  The Team meets at 3:15 PM in Room 2 on the following dates:  10/21/19, 11/18/19, 1/27/20, 3/16/20.


    Current News

    Be sure to check out our GLP website for other information, current updates, and the calendar for upcoming events.  Go to and click on the Our Schools Tab and then GLP Primary School.


    GLP Publishing Company

    The Publishing Company is a volunteer organization consisting of about 75 dedicated parents, teachers, and grandparents whose purpose is to publish students' writing into bound books.  this organization collects students' writing from classroom teachers, types the stories and binds them into homemade covers.  These books contribute greatly to the development of our students' skills.  If you wish to contribute in any way to this organization, please contact Ms. Wess-Rishel, Teacher Representative.


    GLP Library

    Procedures - Included in each 45-minuted weekly visit to the Library:

    • Students check in their books
    • Students select a new book
    • Students sign out a new book
    • Students receive library instruction

    The Librarian and Library Aide give lots of hands-on assistance with signing out books in our Library.  By year's end, most students can do this procedure independently.

    Late Books - Friendly reminders are sent the first 3 times a book is late.  Then we will will send a "lost book slip".  This notice is designed to let parents know what the book looks like and how much the replacement costs will be if you are unable to find it.  After 3 library visits without a book, students will be allowed to take another book to their classroom.  Because of the small number of books, we cannot allow a student to take another book home until the lost book is paid for.  We encourage you to exhaust all searches before paying for a book.  Because of the way the lost book account is handled by the District, we will be unable to return your money once it is deposited in the lost book account if the book is found later.

    Damaged Books - Replacements costs (GLP Library Policy 9/99) will be assessed on any books that are damaged to the point that they can no longer be circulated.  Please instruct your child to tightly replace their thermos caps and to throw out juice boxes at lunch time.  We usually have a couple of books a year lost to "juice spills".


    Mission Statement

    In collaboration with the community, the Eden Central School District pursues our tradition of excellence in personal and academic achievement.  We provide a positive and respectful learning environment that places students at the heart of all activities.  Students are afforded the tools and opportunity to realize their potential within our global society, while cultivating the understanding necessary to fully appreciate their journey.

    Vision Statement

    ECSD is a collaborative learning community that embraces the individuality of each student, educating end empowering them to become productive citizens in an ever-changing and diverse society.

    Belief Statements

    • Respect and trust are the foundation for all interactions within a collaborative learning community.
    • All of the adults in our learning community should model the expectations we have for our students.
    • A comprehensive analysis of data should inform academic and fiscal educational decisions.
    • All students are capable of personal academic growth.
    • Everyone has valuable skills to contribute.
    • Decisions should be based on what is best for students.
    • All students would have access to appropriate educational opportunities.
    • All students should engage in a comprehensive educational experience that facilitates the identification of their talents and interests.
    • All students should have the opportunity to experience success.
    • It is important to utilize the most effective methodologies and progressive technology.
    • All students and staff have the right to a safe place to learn and work.
    • We should develop active citizenship in our students through community service and involvement in public policy issues.