• Welcome to Grover L. Priess Primary School
    picture 2019
       Welcome back to school and to the start of 2020.  As we reflect on the spring shutdown, we know we have many challenges ahead of us!  As the new year begins, it provides an amazing reminder to all of us to appreciate the special gifts that children bring us and how we can build their confidence and self esteem during these crucial formative years if we as adults:
    • Remember people, not things, matter most.
    • Love and accept our children from the day they are born.
    • Respect our children's individual differences and appreciate their unique gifts, talents and capabilities.
    • When we think good thoughts about our children, we should tell them.
    • Stop being slaves to the tyranny of the urgent in our daily lives and make time to do the important things we value most.  We need to make time to spend with our children.  The demands of our time, energy and resources and the urgency of our lives often interferes with our relationships with our children.  Too quickly time passes, they grow older and we lose wonderful opportunities to really get to know our children as individuals.

         Cherish the moments of the new year with your children, family and friends.  These are the experiences that give richness and meaning in our lives and are to be treasured and fondly remembered in years to come.  It is our hope and goals that GLP can support you and your child in every step of the way, as they learn and grow each and every day.  Please be patient and understanding as we navigate these current times.


       Please feel free to review our website for monthly newsletters and other important information about our school.  If you have any unanswered questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 992-3638.
    Loran B. Carter