• welcome letter

    Mrs. Laedke

         Hello and welcome to my homepage! I am a Special Education Teacher at Eden Middle/High School. My teaching responsibilities include the teaching of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics in a Resource Room and/or General Education classroom as a Consultant Teacher.   It is an honor for me to come to work each day, to teach children, and to cater to their individual needs.

         When students come to my classroom, they are assured that I am there to help them succeed. I teach them strategies that will assist them in learning. My approach to instruction and behavior management is positive in nature. Each day I work to inspire students to put forth their best effort and 
    to become more conscientious of the quality of their work and behavior.  It is my mission to help students obtain individualized educational success, regardless of learning differences.  

         I work closely with classroom teachers and the educational team to meet the needs of my students, in remediation of deficit skill areas in order to improve and increase academic achievement. I am always eager to communicate and/or meet with parents. I believe in team effort
    as the most effective way to service my students.  I am looking forward to a fun and productive school year.


    welcome letter welcome letter