• How to Reach Me
    There are many ways to contact me throughout the day.

    The best way is by email:     lfelser@edencsd.org   
    I check my school email account several times a day. I can
    quickly reply to your email when I have a free (if rare!)
    moment. I will try very hard to reply within 24 hours, if
    possible. This method is efficient, and gives us a record of
    what we've discussed.

    note                The next best way is by written note. I will again try to reply within 24 hours.
                   Be sure that any confidential information is in a sealed envelope if possible.
    Another way to contact me is by phone: 992-3610 ext. 4208. The phone system here at the Elementary School will allow you to connect to my voice mail any time of day or evening. However, it will not allow you to get direct access to my classroom phone - for that you will have to go through the main office. They screen all calls to allow only emergency calls.
    The voice mail allows you to leave your thoughts whenever it is convenient for you. I will only access and return voice mail calls before and after the school day.

    teacher                              Please refrain from "dropping by" to discuss important information.
                                  The arrival and dismissal times are quite hectic, and it is my
                                  responsibility to secure the safety of my students first and
                                  foremost. I cannot give you the attention you deserve, and certainly
                                  cannot provide any sense of privacy.