• Course Expectations 2021/22
    Course Description:
    This course further develops the appreciation and understanding of the German language, culture, and literature. Grammatical constructions and vocabulary will be reinforced through communicative practices such as role-play, partner work, skits, projects, educational games, and videos. Film will also be used to compare cultures, understand German literature, and compare written versions and cinematic interpretations of texts. Students will be asked to read and interpret short stories, poems, fairy tales, plays, and novels. Other course topics include visual arts, history, and travel.

    Student Textbooks: 1. Komm Mit!  German Level 3, c. 1995, publ. By Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, Inc. 2. Various German readers

    Supplies Needed:

    * Blue or Black ink pens
    * Pencils
    * Notebook only for German
    * Pocket folder for handouts
    * Loose leaf paper student agenda

    Grading Policy: Averages will be computed as follows: Participation: 20%, class work & and homework: 20%; quizzes, tests 30%, and projects: 30%.
    The Parent Portal will allow parents to monitor their children's success in the class. Grades will be posted as soon as possible after grading the work.

    Assignments: Assignments will be given daily. Homework may be written assignments, studying vocabulary, and/or practicing the language orally. Late assignments will not be accepted after one week, with the exception of long-term illness. Students will lose ten points for each day the assignment is not submitted. After that day the assignment will be worth 50% at most.

    Make Up Policy: Students are expected to make up class work, assignments, and quizzes the day they return from an absence. For prolonged absences students must consult the teacher to make up missed class work.

    Extra Credit Work: Extra Credit assignments will only be offered at the discretion of the teacher, and only to those students who have completed all the regular course work within the specified time limits.

    Teacher Availability: I will be available for extra help or to discuss problems and concerns during the following times:
    1.  via email and by phone 

    Final exam: There will be a final exam worth 20%.

    Academic and behavioral expectations: Students are expected to
    * arrive to class on time and prepared to work
    * have their agenda in class. A signed agenda is required for students arriving late to class and to leave the room. Use the agenda to keep track of assignments and keep it intact!
    * Participate in a positive and appropriate manner. This includes respecting the teacher, substitute teacher, and classmates, as well as cooperating during group work.
    * Respect school property. Treat all classroom materials carefully.
    * Food and beverages are not permitted in class.
    * Personal grooming is not permitted in class.
    * Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.
    * Stay in your seat.
    * Follow the rules of the student agenda.

    Consequences of Misbehavior: Lack of preparation will result in decrease of the average. After the second tardy, students who arrive late without a pass will receive a detention. All students will be held accountable for their behavior in class. If a problem continues after I have spoken with you and warned you, I will call home and/or assign detention. If the problem persists, a parent/teacher conference is the next step.

    Cheating: All work has to be completed on your own, unless I have specifically assigned a group project. During group work all members need to participate to their best ability. If you are caught cheating in any form, copying homework, reports, using another person's or a computer's answers, you will receive a grade of zero for the assignment, test, or quiz. Your parents will be contacted. If cheating occurs again your case will be turned over to the administration for further disciplinary action.