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    1.  BE RESPONSIBLE- What does that look like?        

    • Taking ownership of your actions
    • Being honest                                               
    • Taking care of yourself and your job                                                          
    2.  DO THE RIGHT THING- What does that look like?
    • Always trying your best
    • Following directions
    • Listening when others are talking

    3.  BE RESPECTFUL- What does that look like?

    • Taking care of your materials
    • Speaking kindly to others
    • Treating others the way you want to be treated (if not better!)
    • Keeping hands and feet to yourself
    • Being a good listener
    • Walking quietly in the halls respecting other learners



    In our classroom, we will be using the online behavior management system Class Dojo. Class DoJo uses a system of "Dojo Points" to reward positive student behavior choices and provide consequences for negative choices.  Through a parent messaging system, Class Dojo also allows me to share this information with parents. Using the app, I can also share classroom news, photos, and exchange messages with the class or individual parents.  You will receive an email and/or text message from me asking you to join our class on ClassDojo. Download the free app and I'll see you on Class Dojo!