• Communication Update

    Posted by Lucinda Karstedt on 1/22/2016

    This past summer we migrated to a new Emergency Notification System, School Messenger.  With the recent bad weather, we have evaluated how we can improve the system to meet the needs of all vested parties. One area we would like to improve on is to assist parents who may need to have additional people contacted in the event of an emergency, such as the school closing early due to weather.

    From your Parent Portal, if you click on the School Messenger link on the left and navigate to the Contacts section to edit your contacts, you will now see three additional Phone fields that you can add your own custom numbers into.  This can be any number you would like called, such as grandparents, work numbers, neighbors, other guardians, etc.  You can also customize which type of broadcasts each number receives, so you can set specific numbers to only be called if it's a school hours emergency and others to be called if it's an after school hours emergency, or if any of them should get general district broadcasts or attendance calls.

    The primary parental and student contact information on that site cannot be edited through School Messenger.  If you need to change any of your primary parental contact information, please return to PowerSchool and do so on the Demographic Update Page.  If you have never logged in, you will need an instruction sheet to create a new account.  Please contact your child’s school.

    ·      GLP:  992-3638

    ·      Eden Elementary:  992-3610

    ·      Jr/Sr High School:  992-3600

    You will need an access code letter for each of your children to connect their information to your account.  Directions for updating your contact information and email address are available on the Parent Portal webpage.  Once you are logged into your account you can update the following demographic information:

    ·      Account Preferences – updates your primary email address.

    o   Email Notification – allows you to select what information you would like to receive through email, such as, grades, attendance, and school announcements.  It also allows you to list additional email addresses.

    ·      Demographic Change – updates your phone numbers and email addresses that will be used in the new Emergency Notification System.  All requests will be verified and additional residence and/or custody documentation may be required before completion.

    ·      School Messenger [New Emergency Notification System] – this section allows you the ability to select what phone numbers and email addresses will be used.

    o   Recipients not wishing to receive text messages to a particular number can simply do one of the following:

    1.     Text “STOP” to 68453 at any time.

    2.     Uncheck the SMS boxes in your Parent Portal account [www.edencsd.org]

    3.     Opt out online at http://schoolmessenger.com/txtmsg

    Lastly, as Mrs. Anzalone, Superintendent mentioned in her January 29th phone broadcast Eden Central School District has the ability to send messages to parents and guardians via phone, email and text.  The email and text messages should reach you within minutes of the broadcast being sent.  While phone messages may take up to 40 minutes to reach you.  Please take a moment to sign up in your Parent Portal account for the district’s Emergency Notification System (School Messenger) to send you these notifications via email and/or text.  Please double check that these messages do not land in your SPAM folder or get rejected as SPAM by your email.

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  • Interactive White Board Initiative 2015-2016

    Posted by Lucinda Karstedt on 11/3/2015


    In the 2014-2015 school year the district had 30 interactive white boards either mounted or as permanently assigned mobile boards in approximately one-fourth of the classrooms district wide. The Board of Education implemented an interactive white board initiative for the 2015-2016 school year by increasing technology funds to install 27 boards district wide. For 2015-2016 half of the classrooms will have interactive white boards to use for instruction encompassing all kindergarten through sixth grade classrooms. The new interactive white boards were installed over the summer. There were two teacher-training days over the summer. Plus there will be additional teacher training throughout the year guiding teachers how-to incorporate this new technology into the curriculum to fully utilize these new interactive white boards throughout the school day.

    Mrs. Chatwood's class


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  • Pre-Kindergarten Registration Information for fall 2015

    Posted by Lucinda Karstedt on 3/31/2015
    To enter Pre-Kindergarten, a child must be four years old on or before December 1st.  The Open Enrollment period for fall 2015 Pre-Kindergarten closed on Friday, March 27, 2015.  There are a few spots left for this coming fall.  Please contact the District Registration Office (located in the Jr/Sr High School) to set up an enrollment meeting with Mrs. Karstedt, Director of Enrollment, (716) 992-3616.  Registration forms can be found on our website under Student Registration.
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  • Parent Directions to Update Email Addresses and Contact Information in the Parent Portal

    Posted by Lucinda Karstedt, Director of IT/CIO and Registration on 8/26/2014
    Parents in all grades - Kindergarten through twelfth will need to update their student's contact information by using their parent account, such as: home, cell or work phone numbers, address changes and emergency contacts information.  Please note that each student also has has an account in the Parent Portal, although student accounts do not have access to updating demographic information.  Only parent Portal accounts have the ability to change contact information.  Parent Directions to Update Email Addresses and Contact information in the Parent Portal
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  • Virtual Backpack for Flyers

    Posted by Lucinda Karstedt, Director of It/CIO and Registration on 7/28/2014

    New this fall the Eden Central School District has instituted a virtual backpack on the district website for posting flyers submitted for distribution to families.  To submit your flyer, please send to the District Office for approval.  Submissions must be consistent with all School District Policies.  The District has no connection to the entities or events, or to the viewpoints of any of the participating entities.  The postings, that can be found on the District home page (www.edencsd.org) and in addition on all three-school home pages, are a community service.

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  • Bing for Schools - Earn Rewards for Technology

    Posted by Lucinda Karstedt, Director of It/CIO and Registration on 2/13/2014
    Eden Central School District has joined the Bing web browser Rewards program.  It is free to register for this Rewards program.  Then by using Bing to browse the web, you can earn credits for the district just by searching the web.  Once you accumulate 50 points you can choose a school to support.  Simply browsing with Bing will generate points and the points add up quickly.  Additional information is available at each of the schools in the district.  Thank you for your support.
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  • Update on Time Warner/RoadRunner.com Issue

    Posted by Lucinda Karstedt, Director of IT/CIO and Registration on 1/21/2014
    BOCES has informed us that the Time Warner issue with routing e-mail from the Parent Portal to their customers using RoadRunner.com and rr.com addresses, has been corrected.  E-mail should now be routing in a timely fashion.  If you continue to have issues receiving email you may want to contact Time Warner directly about your personal email account.
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  • Do you use Time Warner RoadRunner.com or rr.com as an email?

    Posted by Lucinda Karstedt on 1/10/2014 1:00:00 PM
    BOCES has informed the district that it appears that Time Warner is currently restricting how many recipients can receive email from us in any given hour.  Some email messages may experience delays of up to 5 days, or may be returned as undeliverable if not sent within 5 days.  We primarily have been seeing this with parents or guardians who have set up automatic emails to be sent from the Parent Portal.  BOCES has been in contact with Time Warner and they are continuing to address the issue.  I will post updates as we are informed.
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