Sandy A message from the

    Superintendent of Eden Central Schools
    February 2018
    Dear Eden Families:
       Thank you, again, for supporting our capital improvement project.  By now, you most likely are seeing some renovations being completed.  The next time you are on our campus, please take a moment to tour the Jr./Sr. High School Music Suite, gymnasium and cafeteria, all-sports field and concession stand.  The new fitness center and track are almost complete.  Eden Elementary School front entry, cafeteria, gymnasium, locker rooms, front doors, and auditorium are almost complete.  Of course, the highlight of our project will be a new district-wide state-of-the-art technology infrastructure ready by October.  We are so excited to see all of this happening!  The contractors, architects and designers have done a fabulous job of creating beautiful spaces for our Eden students.

       When you drive past the Jr./Sr. High School, you will notice an addition to the metal sign affixed to the front of the building.  It used to read Eden Senior High School.  Thanks to David Martin, our Building and Grounds Superintendent, it now reads Eden Senior High and Middle School.  This is one indicator that we are deep into planning mode for the start of our new Middle School in September.  This is an educationally sound move for Eden Central School District and opens the door for amazing adventures for our students.

       This summer, we will once again see many contractors and heavy trucks on our campus.  GLP and the Jr./Sr. High School are slated for a great deal of work.  Please have a conversation with your children.  Big trucks and little feet, including bicycles, require us all to be more diligent.

       This is an exciting time for Eden Central School District.  With all renovations come some challenges, disruptions and dust.  We appreciate your patience as we focus on making Eden CSD the very best school it can be for your children.


    Sandra Anzalone
    "Attitude is Everything"