Sandy A message from the

Superintendent of Eden Central Schools
                                                                                                  October 2016

Dear Eden Families:           

Wow, there is a lot of great stuff packed into this edition of our newsletter. Let’s start by welcoming our new staff. While we didn’t necessarily go into the summer thinking that we would have fifteen new faces (in addition to the five who started 2015-2016 mid-year), we do; and, we are thrilled that they are here working with your children.

I am most impressed with the opportunities that our students have had a chance to engage in over the summer. Check out the articles titled Shea’s Load In and Team Work and Collaboration in the Eden Community. These are just two examples of memories, which no doubt will shape your children’s futures. Way to go Raiders!

I especially want to thank all of our staff who worked over the summer to make sure that we were ready for the first day of school. It was a hot one and certainly not forgiving on any of our crew who were cleaning, repairing or working outside. The campus looked ready for 1,500 excited students!

This past summer, we jumped into social media with a twitter page. Within the next few months, we will add Facebook and Instagram. Our goal is to have a large, diverse readership. We want thousands of you to follow us! We are celebrating all the great things that are happening at Eden Central School District, and we want you to know about them. We are also following a few organizations, which may be of interest to you. Haven’t seen our twitter page? You can follow us on your own twitter account @EdenCSD. Don’t have a twitter account? No problem. You can access our twitter page on our main webpage- All of our tweets are posted directly under the Upcoming Events in the right column. See you on Twitter! (Note: you may get advanced warnings for snow days @EdenCSD).

It feels like it’s been ages since the Capital Project Referendum passed, but we sure have been busy with the architects and engineers getting ready for the next step. Thank you, again, for your support! Watch closely, and pretty soon you will see some very much needed masonry work occurring at Eden Elementary. By next summer, we will be in full swing with the capital project in all four buildings. We are excited and ready!

October is National Thank a Principal month. We are so fortunate to have four incredible administrators at Eden CSD- Loran Carter at GLP; Marc Graff at Eden Elementary; and Jeffrey Cervoni and Patricia Menkiena at the Jr./Sr. High School. They are committed to education and to your children. Our success as a district is directly related to their skills, time and effort. Take a moment to say thanks.

I look forward to seeing you at one of the many upcoming events. Please take a moment to say hi, so that I can meet you. Eden is an amazing place to raise a family- and that is all because of you! 

      Enjoy the weather.


                           Sandra Anzalone

                                                                                                                  "Attitude is Everything"