Sandy A message from the

Superintendent of Eden Central Schools

August 2017

Dear Eden Families,

This newsletter is our official welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  Whether you are a returning family or new to the district, we are thrilled that you are a part of Eden CSD.  We are looking forward to seeing our students for the first student-attendance day on Thursday, September 7th.  Another school year is about to begin!

Each day for the past week, I have been asked if it is possible that we can get our construction areas cleaned up and ready for the first day of school.  It is a valid question, because no matter which way you turn while standing at any school building, there is construction-- excavators, dump trucks, sidewalks and parking lots dug up, doorways with caution tape.  It is truly overwhelming; but, if you have the chance to stay and watch for a day, it is amazing to see the amount of work that our contractors can complete in one day.  So, yes, we will be cleaned up and ready for the first day.  That is not to say that our project is done, because we still have a lot of work to do.

Some interesting construction facts:

  • While preparing to install air conditioning in our Eden Elementary School Auditorium, we found three ceilings.  Yes, three! We certainly expected to find the second ceiling, but I must admit that the third ceiling was quite the surprise.  We anticipate the EES auditorium grand opening sometime after December.
  • While preparing to install the light pole in the EES parking lot, we found an abandoned foundation.  We can somewhat date it because it had Lackawanna Steel slag in the concrete.  I am told that Eden alumni remember their athletic equipment being stored in a shed at that location when the building was a high school.
  • While digging the electric line in the GLP parking lot, we found a buried tractor.  I wish I could tell you details about this tractor, but I cannot.  It is still buried, evidence that our school grounds were once thriving grape fields, and;
  • While expanding the old athletic field, we found a lot of shale.  This will come in handy for the Jennings Road parking lot expansion, which will hold approximately 50 cars, and hopefully eliminate the need for you to park on Jennings Road during a baseball game. We anticipate the new track, field and concession stand being ready for use in October. 
  • One of the most exciting projects this summer at the Jr./Sr. High School is the music suite; New practice rooms, new paint, new carpet, new instrument storage racks.  It is spectacular!

I would be remiss if I did not thank all our employees.  So many of our teachers packed their rooms at the end of last school year and moved to a new location - many haven’t been allowed back in all summer.  Some of our secretaries have been working out of temporary offices, and have been very patient considering the pounding and sawing inevitable with construction.  Our maintenance crew literally moved hundreds of boxes, not to mention furniture; and, our cleaning crew simply cannot get in front of the dust.  I am in awe of them all - not only have they managed this move with grace, but they have also had to manage to complete their own daily tasks.  Moving while still attempting to get a job done and on a time schedule is beyond impressive.

It is exciting to see things happening around town and at Eden CSD.  Physical change itself can inspire innovation, but only if we have an open mindset to let it happen AND do something amazing with the opportunity.  Not only are we ready at Eden CSD, WE ARE HERE!  Innovation must be our new norm, right alongside the rest of the world.  Our District Goals are living proof that we are up for the challenge.

I am excited that the world continues to be demanding of education and of all of us as learners.  I look forward to working with you and your children this year as we seize every opportunity to commit to excellence for Eden Schools.


                           Sandra Anzalone

                                                                                                                  "Attitude is Everything"